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AY Pong iOS iOS

You need to feel how the first TV Game worked!

Classic pong - retro style TV Game on your mobile for one or two players.
Moving the bat using your finger on the left and right half of a screen.

Six outstanding games inspired by the AY-3-8500 chip family:

- Practice
- Squash
- Tennis
- Hockey
- Soccer
- Basketball


- Black and White, Gray or Color mode
- Fast/Slow Speed of the ball
- Large/Small Bat
- Autoserve On/Off
- Horizontal movement On/Off
- Dynamic and precise control of bats
- 5 angle zones for Large and 3 angle zones for Small bats
- Original, remastered sounds

AY-Pong Main Menu AY-Pong Directions AY-Pong Basketball
AY-Pong Squqsh Ay-Pong Hockey AY-Pong Soccer

Privacy Policy

This app does not collect any user data. Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to ensuring that your information remains secure. Enjoy the app with peace of mind.

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AnimatorHD - Windows based software, frame grabber, for creating stop motion and time lapse animation. Allows to create stereoscopic 3D movies taking advantage of motion control systems. Can be also used on film set as a previsualization tool.

For Mac users we recommend the Boot Camp or Fusion.

The system supports following sources:

- Digital Still Cameras, incl. Canon and Nikon Live View - 3D stereo shooting
- 35 mm and 16 mm cameras
- HD Cam
- Betacam SP/SDI
- HDMI - HDV (thru HDMI)
- DV
- analog source - WDM, e.g. USB capture devices, VIVO graphics cards and webcams.

All with Onion Skin mode.