Animation, graphics, packshot and 3D visualization

Often there is a need to show an object on each side. We make 3D visualizations that enable this. Even simple bar charts thanks to 3D adaptation are gaining an incredible value.


- intro DCP - PortalFilmowy.pl
- virtual 3D set for TV commercial "Cenowa Kapitulacja" i "Kampania Wyprzedażowa"
- iPhone model for the spot promoting the application
- models for presenting Creative products
- 3D models of Crocs footwear
- visualization of the plan of Warsaw buildings - presentation of the University of Warsaw
- sponsorship spot Velux
- sponsorship spot Smecta
- sponsorship spot Domu Maklerskiego BRE BANK SA 
- Międzynarodowy Festiwal Dokumentalnych Filmów o Regionach (animation, musical setting)
- for documentary "Alfabet Kota" (TVP)
- for documentary "Ballada Chasydzka o Nowym Roku" (TVP)
- for documentary "Droga do NATO" (TVP)
- promotional PLUS GSM
- promotional TOP 2000
- TV program intro Mixer (TVP)
- TV program Dance Time (TVN)
- design and production of the title of the TV series "Złotopolscy" (TVP, 1996)