video HD and 4K






Video HD and 4K

Good material is a good movie. We know how to make good material. We work on modern equipment that gives high quality.

We have our own HD and 4K cameras, and we also use the services of companies renting equipment.


Light is very important. We have adequate lighting. We can also use natural lighting as well as existing lighting. For large projects, we use specialized lighting services with a whole range of lighting equipment.


Digital storage card recording is already standard.   We record audio directly on the camcorder and / or on an external recorder.   Wireless microphones, a shotgun microphone together with a furry and a three-meter pole will work in all conditions. For larger projects, we use the services of proven sound engineers with properly selected accessories (including multi-track digital recorders, sets of wireless and directional microphones).


In the case of films where aerial footage is necessary, we offer photos taken with the help of a drone. We have available DJI's drones. We have the necessary BVLOS qualifications (flights out of sight, also in built-up areas).


Steadycam is useful more than once. It will add proper dramatic, and above all will stabilize the picture with dynamic shots in motion.


It will give the shots a unique character. The dolly owned by us will work in most projects. For more demanding projects, we use the equipment and talent of external professionals.