Software Development

A camera, an audio recorder, editing systems or even the simplest devices used for film production are built on the basis of a processor - they are computers. We know well how computers work and how to program them.

We started with writing programs. Initially (1986) for 8-bit computers (Atari, Commodore). When Amiga computers appeared, we were the first to use them on TV. We have created many applications for this purpose.

We currently use modern technologies - Javascript, Node JS, Electron JS, Cordova, React JS, PHP7, MySQL, MongoDB, as well as HTML5, CSS3. We create cross-platform desktop, mobile and web applications - CMS, databases, LMS (Learning Management System) platforms. From simple to very advanced.


The possibilities offered by the Internet are virtually limitless. Thanks to extensive remote teaching systems, corporate employees, scattered all over the country or the world, can become acquainted with the rules prevailing in the company, complete on-line tests and receive certificates. The management has full control over the course of learning and can react accordingly.


In the 2017-2019 period, the Interactive Education System EDI is being developed for the Warsaw Film School. The system consists of ON-LINE Platform (several websites) and the first Polish tool supporting film production - applications for PC and Mac computers: EDI Writer - for writing texts in film script format, EDI DOP - for creating interactive storyboards, EDI. Editor - for editing of audiovisual materials, EDI Colorist - for learning the basics of color correction.

Our previous achievement is, among others a system supporting the creation of stop motion animation - AnimatorHD, with which he was made, among others Oscar-winning puppet film "Peter and The Wolf".

Desktop (since 1995):

- Interactive Education System EDI for the Warsaw Film School (2017-2019)
- AnimatorHD/DV - system for creating stop motion animation (since 2002)
- Test Editor - application, part of the on-line testing system - Frito Lay
- BTV Graph - graphic support for the production of the business TV program - Polsat 2
- Lektor Dbase - lectors' database - voices casting
- NTV Pogoda - graphic support for the production of meteo broadcasts - Nasza Telewizja (currently TV4)
- proprietary CD presentation software


- LMS system for Pepsico Poland - with films and a teacher
- Test System - an advanced test system for Frito Lay
- Video tutorials

AMIGA (1991-1995):

- Software Teletext - PTV Rondo, PTV Opole, Gliwice Film Studio "PLAY"
- Reklamowy Zawrót Głowy - PTV Echo
- Zegar - PTV Rondo (Katowice), PTV Echo (Wrocław), PTV Opole
- The English Master (learning English vocabulary)
- Lottomat Pro (assisting in filling coupons)

8-bit Computers (1986-1991)