off-line / on-line editing


- commercials

- documentaries

- TV programs

- music video

- promotional

- events

HD/4K Post-production

We have powerful workstations with the Avid Media Composer editor.
More advanced effects and compositions are edited using DaVinci Resolve, Fusion and After Effects. Hard disks, combined in a matrix, can accommodate many complex projects.

Thanks to many years of experience, the exchange of materials between programs is optimal and very efficient.

Off-line editing

The first stage of assembly is off-line assembly. At this stage, digitization (uploading to a computer from a tape or importing from a memory card) of the whole material, division and selection of the best shots (takes). Then the selected shots are combined in a specific order.

In the past, non-linear off-line editing consisted of digitizing the material with deteriorated quality and lower resolution. Thanks to this, it was possible to fit many hours of recording on the hard disk (in 2002 the peak was, for example, 160 GB in a matrix with 10 disks ...).

Currently, due to the availability of efficient and capacious hard drives, the material is most often loaded in the target resolution and the best quality.

On-line editing

that is, the editing of the previously assembled film. Color correction, special video effects and image composition.

We also prepare material ready for recording of broadcasting cassettes or files to be sent to the TV station ftp.